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Home Remodeling Services


From pre-fabricated, semi-custom, and full custom, we can take your kitchen to the next level with our expertise.


We’re not only experts in plumbing fixtures and complete bath remodels, we also aim to make sure every install is energy efficient.

Interior & Exterior Renovation

Whether it’s renovating a small room or an entire home, let us do the work while you think about what to do with all the new space.


We make sure your floors are durable and long lasting with excellent flooring materials that match your homes current or new design elements.

Painting (Exterior / Interior)

Giving your home or remodel some fresh paint color is a great way to make your home truly yours. Let us assist in getting the perfect color just right with a pristine coat.


Good stair remodels are hard to come by. We’ll help you decide on carpet, wood, or other with a solid foundation and engineering that lasts.


We provide expert drywall installation with precision materials and expert advice on home efficiency.

Whole Home Energy Efficiency Services


Our team ensures you’ll have a roof that lasts, lowers your energy consumption and keeps the elements out. Improper installation can lead to damages that are often overlooked and can lead to pricey repairs.


Installing solar panels will lower your energy bills, increase your home value, and help the planet with clean home energy.

Battery Backup

Every solar installation needs a solid battery backup system to ensure your home is maximizing it’s energy usage. It also provides a backup in case of power outages so your home can keep it’s lights on even during an emergency.


Cool and heat your home with a carefully planned and energy efficient HVAC system for a comfortable home environment regardless of the season.


Upgrading your windows is one of the easiest ways to reduce your power bill by keeping the elements out and the warmth or cooling in. With our expert service you’ll be on your way to beautiful new windows so you can enjoy the view!

Landscaping & Hardscaping

Eco-Friendly oriented landscaping and hardscaping allows you to increase your property value, while conserving your water usage and lower your overall water consumption.


Implementing good insulation can reduce your power bill drastically. We typically see a 20% savings in home cooling and heating and a 10% savings on your total energy costs, just by installing the proper insulation. Let us provide expert installation and see your energy consumption lowered month over month.

Foundation Services

Earthquake Retrofitting

The seismic retrofitting process involves the installation of engineered metal connectors and other reinforcement materials at key stress points throughout your home’s structure. The specially designed hardware includes hold downs, anchors & anchor bolts, strap ties and framing angles. Wood blocking and structural sheathing may also be incorporated into many retrofit projects. The goal of a retrofit is to secure/bolt down your home to the concrete foundation.

House Bolting

During a seismic event these reinforcements greatly increase the chances of your home surviving with minimal damage. The cost of the retrofit is typically recovered between four to six years as you save on insurance premiums. We offer free estimates to assess your property. We will then provide you with a comprehensive bid explaining what we feel is necessary to perform a correct and functional retrofit.

Foundation Repair

Remedial repairs of cracked, settled, shifted, rotated and/or deteriorated sections of concrete perimeter foundation walls. Any type of post/pier issues (shifted, deteriorated, cracked, settled, “over shimmed,” undersized, etc. Repair of wood damaged framing/structural components in the foundation system area.

Other Foundation Services

We also offer house leveling, helical pears as well as other foundation-related services. Please give us a call, we are certain that we do and can help with your foundation project.

New Construction Services

Custom Home Building

Let us do the hard work and we’ll make sure your project is built built to last and be a reflection of your ideal dream home.


Whether it’s just a bathroom, second story or a full suite addition, we’ll provide expert services to not only increase your homes value, but also make it your perfect living space.


We can help take your current space and turn it into your dream home, whether it’s a garage or warehouse, our experts can provide full service conversion and turn it into something fresh.

Architectural & Engineering Plans

Let our experts take a critical eye to your architectural needs so you can have the peace of mind that the integrity of your home is built to last and truly resembles your dream home.

General Electrical & Plumbing

We offer electrical and plumbing services complete with cutting edge technologies aiming to offer energy and water efficiency. Let us help you lower your overall energy bills and make your smart home just that much smarter.


Transform your bathroom into a personal retreat with McCormick Home Builders. Upgrading your Bathroom is one of the most refreshing things you can do for your home. Bathrooms are one of the most utilized spaces in the home that we spend personal time in. Why not turn it into a spa!? We can help you optimize the space and layout of the bathroom for the most efficient use. Whether you are looking to update just the vanity or do a complete gut and remodel, McCormick Home Builders is here for you. Allow Pure Home to upgrade your lifestyle by calling today!


Decided it’s time to remodel your kitchen? Well you’ve come to right place! Whether you are looking to completely start over, or you want to undertake subtler changes to make your kitchen more of a focal point, we are here to help. Since kitchens are such an integral feature of any household, the choices you make are likely to leave a lasting impact on the resale value of your home. That’s why we stay on top of the latest trends to help you make informed choices for your project!


Flooring is all about design and quality. ​You want your floors to last for years and withstand dirt, while also to match your concept design style. ​

McCormick Home Builders is here to help you choose the best possible floor for your home, with minimum hassle and high quality workmanship. ​

Contact us now, and talk with our experts, about remodeling your floors.


Want to add comfort and value to your home with an addition or extension? McCormick Home Builders is here to help!

Want to add comfort and value to your home with an addition or extension? McCormick Home Builders is here to help!


Often times a fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Brighten up the exterior and interior of your home with a fresh coat of new paint as early as today.

At McCormick Home Builders, our experts are help to you with your next makeover. It’s no secret that a high-quality paint job will increase the value of your home as well as the curb appeal, just ask any real estate agent! It’s never too late to invest in your home and your quality of life.

McCormick Home Builders is here to help you keep your Homes Integrity and Family Safe for years to come.

ADU / Garage Conversions

An ADU is a separate residential unit located on the same lot as a single-family residence. All the typical elements of a residence such as a kitchen and a bath are included but smaller. Furthermore, an existing garage can be converted to an ADU as well as opposed to building a new structure or should you not have enough space on the property. Having an ADU is a great way to generate passive income or enlarge an existing home.

Other than providing good passive rental income for property owners, it’s very easy to get a permit approval today.

Having an ADU also adds more housing availability to already developed areas and you don’t need any additional parking space required.